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Jinhua Jinsheng Glass Co.,Ltd is a professinal manufacturer of mirrored furniture.  Our company is committed

to the high level of design creativity, the pursuit of artistic value and the perfect combination of personal taste,

the products are deeply loved by customers at home and abroad.Factory covers an area of 15000 ㎡, with carpentry

workshop, glass cutting workshop, glass edge grinding workshop, paint shop, assembly packaging workshop, etc.

Exclusive design team, QC team.Perfect production management system, high quality, high standard, only

production middle and high-end products.

  • 专业设计 / 专业生产 / 专业分工 / 专业检货 / 专业仓储 / 专业运输
  • Professinal design / Professional production / Professional division /
  • Professional inspection / Profectional Storage/ Professional transportation
  • 一切的专业,只为顾客最满意的体验!
  • All the professional , only for the customers the most satisfactory experience!



Contact: Dragonet Tang

Phone: +86 18057937675

Tel: +86 579 82953636

Email: jhtjinshengmirror@163.com

Add: Caozhai Town,Jindong District,Jinhua City,Zhejiang,CHina